Maxine Waters Just Called Trump A Klansman – Internet Immediately Goes Full Stupid


Maxine Waters has been making headlines around the globe with her serious demeanor and her inability to beat around the bush. She recently coined the phrase, “I’m reclaiming my time,” after a heated  interaction with Treasury Secretary Steve that left him highly embarrassed, as the video soon went viral.

Now, Waters has set her sights on the issue of white supremacy in the White House, and as per the usual, she is not mincing words. According to some, Waters crossed the line Saturday morning when she tweeted the following:

This will certainly lead to total Trump silence as the president stews in hatred and resentment. Trump knows if he dared attack an elderly black woman he would be crucified in the streets, and so, he will take this one lying down.

The internet response to Waters’ tweets was out-of-this-world as people from both sides came together to lend their opinions on the matter. We saved some of the best responses below:

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