Emergency Management Tells People To Get On Roofs To Escape Flood – Trump Tweets


Since the early campaign days, it was evident that Donald Trump is fully capable of running his mouth. That feels like a century ago, however. Now that he’s actually president, we know for a fact that that’s really all he actually knows how to do.

That was made evident recently with his response to Hurricane Harvey flooding in Texas. NWS Houston tweeted a weather service announcement Sunday morning, writing:

‘Emergency management has requested: If highest floor of your home becomes dangerous…get on the roof. #houwx #glswx #txwx #Harvey’

But what has President Donald Trump done to address the weather emergency in the state of Texas?

Tweet — that’s about it.

“Monitoring closely” from Camp David, Trump tweeted several times about Texas, however, has yet to confirm any intent to do anything.

Based on the responses to some of his tweets, though, people aren’t fooled by his fake “we’ve got this under control” crap.

It’s high time Trump retire the smartphone, refrain from tweeting and move to actually doing something tangible to aid Texans hit with the worst effects of Hurricane Harvey.

Featured Image via Getty Images.

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