What Eric Trump Just Tweeted About The Mayweather/McGregor Fight Has People Livid


The controversy surrounding the conflict between Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Conor McGregor is a spark in the debate of white nationalism, and Saturday night’s fight was like the boiling point between racism and arrogance. McGregor’s corner men had the appearance of white supremacy. From their preppy attire, to the trademark racist hipster haircut, this crew was screaming white lives matter without even saying a word.

Floyd Mayweather devastated McGregor after 10 rounds in a major upset to many across the world.

Others who are sick of hearing the racist commentary McGregor adds to the entire community are happy to see him get smashed.

Eric Trump, naturally, had something to say to the racist, with no praise whatsoever to the boxing champion.

The people who responded on Twitter gave mixed reviews. Here are some of the best responses below:

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