Here’s The Viral Image From Hurricane Harvey That Trump Doesn’t Want You To See


A photograph just emerged from the Hurricane Harvey relief operation that President Trump and his deplorables don’t want you to see. Even first daughter, Ivanka Trump just chose a photo of a different first responder to post to her Twitter page.

The picture that went viral within seconds shows a black first responder single-handedly rescuing two small white children from waist deep flood waters. Check it out below:

Image Via Twitter

The image will go down in history, but Ivanka didn’t see it that way. She chose to tweet a photo of a white police officer rescuing a woman and her child.

The people responding to Ivanka’s tweet mentioned the above image and the disgusting racial bias the Trump’s show:

Americans are pretty fed up with the first family and their white privileged attempt at controlling the way people see this disaster relief happening.

Black men are putting themselves in danger for the sake of white people they will probably never know, in a country that doesn’t care about them.


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