Ivanka Tweets About Hurricane Harvey ‘Heroes’ & Regretted It In 7 Seconds Flat


Ivanka Trump thought it would be a good idea to pretend she suddenly cares about something other than shoes and ugly dresses, but she probably should have tweeted about global warming or foreign affairs before she commented on deadly hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc on the south just weeks after Trump proposed a cut in disaster relief funds.

Now, his entitled little princess is tweeting about it like it’s the thing to do, and her father didn’t directly endanger American lives in the future.

Ivanka tweeted the following:

Ivanka probably should have kept her overbite shut on this one, but, like her father, she doesn’t understand basic human emotion, and how people could be angry with her for saying something seemingly harmless, maybe even kind. It’s not kind, though. Ivanka Trump never stepped off her pedestal to comment on political or human issues before her new role as first daughter.

Literally, this nearly middle-aged woman decided 8 months ago that she suddenly cared about the human struggle?


It’s an act. Don’t be fooled.

The reactions to her tweet speak volumes. Check them out below:

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