Trump Humiliated After Photo Of Camp David Hurricane Harvey Meeting Goes Viral


An actual picture of Donald Trump being out-presidented just went viral, and nothing could make anti-Trumpers happier. Trump and VP Pence are at Camp David talking with officials about how to handle the devastating Hurricane Harvey.

In the image, Trump can be seen sitting alone, apart from everyone else, while VP Pence handles the negotiations like an actual leader.

Trump, seen in a “USA” ball cap, is separated from the conversation he tweeted about no-so sincerely just yesterday, and now, we know he is just sitting there so he can say he was a part of it, but in his mind, he’s putting or tweeting.

As soon as the meeting is over, Trump will be on social media talking about how successful the meeting was and abut how proud he is to be in charge.

Mark my words.

The reactions to this tweet are absolutely worth checking out, so we included a few of them for you below:

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