Trump Announces He’s Having A ‘Big Week’ On Twitter & Americans Respond Perfectly


Trump took to his favorite communication method, Twitter, this evening to make an announcement that something interesting might be in the works for this upcoming week. He left many to speculate whether on he might be making another visit to Houston or better yet finally resigning and taking his whole staff with him.

Trump tweeted:
Many responses to his “big” tweet quickly followed, wondering everything from whether Mueller had finally nailed him or if Pence was going to become president.

Whatever it may be, many Americans can only hope for a miracle by the end of the week that includes Mueller bringing him up on several criminal charges, finding him guilty, and throwing him in jail. This is most likely not what Trump has in mind though so we shall wait and see. To our shock and amazement, it will probably be him announcing another golf vacation.

Featured image by Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images.


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