W.H. Fembot Melania Tweets About Hurricane Irma & Twitter Rips Her Apart Instantly


Like her husband, First Lady Melania Trump seemingly can’t resist taking to Twitter to update the American public about what she and her husband are busy messing up at any given moment. So on Friday, the first lady took to Twitter to announce that she and the president would be hosting members of the cabinet and their spouses at Camp David over the weekend to “monitor” Hurricane Irma.

‘Look fwd to hosting members of the cabinet & their spouses at #CampDavid this weekend. Much work to be done as we monitor #Hurricane Irma.’

Right… The first lady, who only recently even bothered to move to the White House, is definitely going to be useful when it comes to monitoring a hurricane.

That’s why it’s likely unsurprising to most that Twitter wasn’t believing any of Melania’s crap. Users relished the chance to jump at the first lady for tweeting a total crock of sh*t. Some of the best responses can be read below.

Featured Image via Getty Images.

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