JUST IN: Top Trump Staffer Banned From Oval Office Effective Immediately


When selecting an aide or advisor, there is one piece of criteria that Donald Trump values in all his aides and that is personal loyalty. Many of his staff have been with him since he began his campaign or before. Many of these aides have enjoyed almost unfiltered access to the president including the power to simply walk into meetings uninvited. However, Trump’s new Chief of Staff, John Kelly, is working to change all of that. The New York Times reports that Kelly has created a list of advisors who are no longer allowed to simply enter meetings uninvited.

The most prominent person on this “no-fly” list is Omarosa Manigault. The former Apprentice star has a vaguely defined West Wing job as Trump’s chief advisor on African-American issues. However, it is unclear what she exactly she does or what qualifies her for a job in the White House. Even her ability to help with outreach is questionable as she recently accused the Congressional Black Caucus of showboating when they refused to meet with Trump. Despite her vague job description, Manigault has a habit of walking into important West Wing meetings uninvited

This list is being handled by Kelly’s longtime aide ¬†Kirsten Nielsen. The Times describes Nielsen as a “brusque” and “non-nonsense” aide who doesn’t mind being hated. It’s a good thing too because she’s bound to make some enemies during her time at the White House as many of Trump’s allies are likely to bristle at being denied access to the president.

Another person affected by Kelly’s new policies is Trump’s bodyguard, Keith Schiller, who is reportedly is planning on leaving the White House in late September or early October. While Schiller’s main motivation for leaving is financial, it has also been stated that he grew frustrated with Kelly forcing him to dial the White House switchboard in order to speak to Trump rather than simply being able to call the president.

Interestingly enough, Ivanka Trump does not appear to be on Kelly’s list despite having angered GOP leaders when she derailed a meeting by walking in to say hi. Of course, it’s likely that Kelly knows that if Trump is forced to chose between his daughter or his Chief of Staff, then Trump will always choose Ivanka no matter how many meetings she derails.

Manigault’s comments regarding the Congressional Black Caucus can be seen below.

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