Trump Jr Releases Phony & Bizarre Official Work Photo That Has America Roaring With Laughter


After winning the presidency, Donald Trump announced that his sons, Eric and Donald Jr., would be taking over the day-to-day operations of the family business. Trump maintained that doing so would allow him to avoid any conflicts of interest and ensure that the Trump Organization was in good hands. However, based on a recent photo released by The New York Times, Trump might want to consider putting someone else in charge of his company since it appears Donald Jr. isn’t doing too much.

The Times article was about Trump Jr’s testimony before Congress regarding Russia’s role in the 2016 election, but they released a picture of Trump Jr. at his desk and its a rather strange one. The image has all the qualities of a photo shoot.

Via The New York Times

For starters, his desk is way too clean and organized. Those pictures are all perfectly facing the camera which is odd considering that most people would turn the pictures of their family toward themselves. It’s possible he simply rearranged them so that they would be facing the camera, but that just makes the picture look weird. Speaking of weird pictures, why does he have a photo of himself on his desk? We can’t think of any reason someone would keep a giant framed photo of themselves on their desk.

This entire setup gives us the impression that Trump  doesn’t actually spend much time working at his desk. We suppose it is possible he spends most of his time working somewhere else, but, if so, then why did The Times take that particular photo? If Trump spends most of his working hours say, in a board room, then why not take a picture of that room instead of a desk that looks much too well-organized to be used on a regular basis.

We’re not saying that Trump doesn’t work or even that he doesn’t work at his desk. It’s possibly he simply cleaned and organized it before the photo shoot, but, if so, he really needs to consult with his PR and marketing people because the photo in question gives an awful impression and there’s probably someone who gets paid a lot of money to help manage his image.

Featured image via Getty Images.


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