Ivanka Gets On Twitter To Talk About Irma & It Totally Backfires In Her Plastic Face


Ivanka Trump, just like her father, has taken to Twitter a lot recently but as soon as she puts her words out there, they usually backfire. This time, she had something to say about Hurricane Irma, and many people decided they were over the dismissive and empty wishes of prayers and good luck to weather the storm.

Ivanka tweeted this statement:

At this point in time, love and prayers are warm and fuzzy, but what is needed is a strong response from her Daddy to do something about climate change. The Republican mayor of Miami even called on him to do something regarding the seriousness it has become for the world.

Here are some of the strong reactions to Ivanka’s statement:


When three hurricanes are brewing in the Atlantic Ocean, the time to do something was yesterday. Hopefully, President Trump and legislators will wake up before it really is too late. This is devastating and it’s past time to care.

Featured image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.

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