Trump’s Chief Of Staff Just Got Into A Twitter Argument With Ann Coulter & It Is Pathetic


Florida is currently facing one of the strongest hurricanes in its history, but there are some people who insist on making light of the situation. Unsurprisingly, one of those people is conservative commentator Ann Coulter. Early Sunday morning, Coulter took to Twitter to deliver a mocking update regarding the “light rain” in Miami. Coulter’s tweet was about as tasteful as anything Coulter says, which is probably why Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff fired back at her for mocking attempts to warn people about the storm.

Coulter’s tweet and Kelly’s reply are actually a perfect example of these two personalities. Coulter never misses an opportunity to prove that she’s a mocking, petty, person who is unwilling to, or incapable of empathizing with others. Kelly, on the other hand, continues to prove that he’s one of the few responsible adults serving in Donald Trump’s administration. Amidst the chaos of Irma and the general ineptitude displayed by Trump’s administration, it’s comforting to know there are a few qualified adults in the White House.

Featured image via Getty Images.

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