W.H. Posts FAKE NEWS Video Of Irma; Deletes It After Miami Airport Calls Them Liars


Since his campaign began, Donald Trump has waged a war against the so-called “fake news” media. Trump has frequently criticized the media for running stories he doesn’t like, often accusing them of being biased or simply making stories up. The latter is particularly a problem when the media cites unnamed sources, despite the fact that it is a fairly common practice when sources don’t wish to reveal themselves. It isn’t just Trump either. Plenty of other members of his administration have attacked the press.

This administration’s hostility towards the media is why it is so ironic that Trump’s social media director, Dan Scavino, Jr., tweeted an image from Mexico City Airport as having occurred at Miami International.  Once corrected by Miami International Airport, Scavino did delete his tweet, but it was too late. Many people on Twitter were quick to mock him for spreading “fake news” especially since he got Mexico City mixed up with Miami.


Featured image via Getty Images.

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