JUST IN: Trump’s Attorneys Want Jared Kushner Out Of The W.H. (DETAILS)


The ongoing investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election continues to be a problem for Donald Trump’s White House. Despite the president’s frequent assertions that the investigation is nothing more than a “witch hunt,” reports have surfaced that Trump’s attorneys advised him to remove his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, from his role in the White House, due to his involvement in a a meeting with Russian officials that occurred during the 2016 campaign. Trump’s son, Eric, released a statement regarding the meeting.

Despite Eric Trump’s assurances that nothing illegal occurred in the meeting, Trump’s attorneys are still concerned. The Wall Street Journal reports Trump’s legal team even had their press aides draft a memo for Kushner regarding his resignation. The statement, which was meant to be released by Kushner himself, would blame his ouster on toxic politics which turned his 2016 meeting into a weapon to be used against Trump.

Obviously, Trump’s aides failed to convince Trump to remove Kushner and, to be fair, that was always going to be a tough fight. Kushner and Ivanka remain two of Trump’s closest advisors. The president has given Kushner a wide-range of responsibility in his administration. If Trump were to remove Kushner, he would be hard pressed to find a replacement, particularly one as loyal as his son-in-law.  We suspect that at least part of the reason Steve Bannon was removed from his job was because he constantly feuded with Kushner and Ivanka.

As far as the meeting itself is concerned, we do not know exactly what happened there. Trump and others who were there insist that they learned nothing from the meeting, but the fact that Trump was willing to meet with Russian officials regarding Clinton is enough to raise suspicions. There are some who argue that, regardless of what took place at the meeting, the meeting itself could have potential been illegal if Trump’s team was there with the intention of learning information which could have aided them in the campaign against Clinton. For now, however, it appears that Kushner will remain in the White House and we expect he’ll remain for as long as Trump is president.

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