Sebastian Gorka Predicts Major Shake-Up Coming Soon To The White House


Donald Trump’s administration has seen a lot of shake-ups since it began. Trump has been in office for a little less than a year, but we’ve already seen the departures of several high-profile figures. NBC reports that one of those figures, Sebastian Gorka, has said  that we would likely be seeing another major shakeup by the end of the year.

‘I predict, a lot of the changes… almost all the changes in personnel, the significant changes, were not made by the president, they were made by people below him. I predict that soon, perhaps before Christmas, the president will be removing high-ranking individuals from inside his administration because he will realize who he’s surrounded with.’

Gorka argued that those most supportive of Trump’s campaign agenda had been forced out by other White House officials, though he said they were still committed to serving the president’s agenda.

‘The people most clearly associated with the president’s victory, with what we call the “Make America Great Again Agenda,” were slowly being isolated, were sometimes being fired or pushed out of policy roles. We decided that we could best support the president outside as private citizens.’

Of course, just because they’re out of the White House doesn’t mean they have no influence on Trump’s agenda. Gorka mentioned that former former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski would often be seen talking with Trump in the Oval Office.

‘You don’t have to pick up a government paycheck to be in discussion with the president or helping him. And one thing about the president, if you’re loyal to him, he’s loyal to you.’

Despite Gorka’s words, it’s unclear how much influence Trump’s former advisors have over his administration. Since taking office the more moderate branch of the pro-Trump faction, led by Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, have been engaged in a power struggle with the alt-right, led by Steve Bannon. For now, it appears that the alt-right faction has been soundly defeated, but if Trump’s poll numbers continue to fall then we might see the alt-right make a resurgence in the Trump White House.

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