BREAKING: White House Placed On Emergency Lock-Down Effective Immediately


Will the president ever get a real handle on what’s going on in Washington, D.C., either inside or outside of his presidential administration? The likely answer to that question is no.

The White House was under lockdown for the second time in two days this Tuesday afternoon, with police officers having evacuated nearby stores and ordered all media either off the premises or into the press room.

The lockdown was prompted by a “suspicious package” found on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Madison Place NW, and as of early Tuesday afternoon, there is not yet any word as to what the package actually is. Neither is there any word as to whether or not authorities have identified where the package came from. The only word is that the package has been “cleared.”

Early Tuesday afternoon, the Secret Service posted on Twitter that “Uniformed Division Officers [are] responding to a suspicious package near Madison & Penn. Ave.” The authorities added that “vehicle and pedestrian traffic may be impacted.” It’s unclear if the president was inside the White House when the package was found.

The Secret Service posted about an hour after their initial tweets about the incident saying that the incident was resolved.

You can check out a video clip of the scene below, posted to Twitter by RT’s Alex Rubinstein — who is among those journalists caught up in mass arrests at violent anti-Trump D.C. area protests on the day of the belligerent businessman’s inauguration. Rubinstein said that “top police brass” seem to be on the scene.

On Monday, the White House complex was placed on lockdown after two items — initially reported to be a sign and a yoga mat but later clarified to be a sign and a notebook — were thrown over the fence. The man who threw those items over the fence was taken into custody.

The Secret Service is reportedly stretched remarkably thin under the Trump Administration, with their yearly allotment of funds to pay some agents having apparently run out. The Trump family’s large size and incessant travelling have contributed to this situation.

Check out reactions to the lockdown — including from some of the journalists caught up in it — below.

Featured Image via Alex Wong/ Getty Images

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