Census Releases Extensive Data On Obama Vs Trump Economy; Results Are Incredible


Having worked through the endless Republican obstructionism to advance the causes of disenfranchised segments of American society throughout his eight years in office, President Obama deserves the love that he gets.

President Trump has repeatedly claimed credit for positive economic indicators that have nothing to do with him and are, instead, Obama’s doing. Now, there is another new crop of data showing just how well off Obama left the economy, although it remains to be seen whether or not Trump will take credit for these positive indicators as well.

The U.S. Census Bureau says that median American household incomes rose by a couple thousand dollars going from 2015 to 2016, surpassing the previous record for median household income of $58,655 which was set in 1999. The 2015 median American household income as measured by the Census Bureau was $57,320, and the median household income in the U.S. in 2016 as measured by the Census Bureau was $59,039.

There is one catch to this data — in 2014, the Census Bureau apparently changed the methodology that it employs in gathering data about American median household incomes. The present data is garnered from a survey of 100,000 homes, and the numbers are adjusted to account for inflation.

Even still, Census officials tell The Washington Post that no matter whether or not the 2016 high is actually the highest median income for American households in modern times, there has most certainly been strong economic growth throughout the past two years.

There are other positive indicators in the just released U.S. Census Bureau data as well. The percentage of Americans without health insurance fell to 8.8 percent in 2016 from a 2015 level of 9.1 percent. This drop is thanks to the Obama-era defining Affordable Care Act, but the president doesn’t care — he wants to repeal the ACA anyway in order to save money for insurance companies.

Additionally, the U.S. poverty rate fell to 12.7 percent in 2016, which is, according to The Washington Post, the lowest poverty level in the U.S. since back in 2007 before the most recent financial crisis.

For the economy to be doing well is a significant undercut to Donald Trump’s presidency, since he rode into office by hyping up flaws in the American economy into something doomsday-esque. He has long insisted that the Obama presidency was a failure, but the items that Obama was able to push through in just his first few years in office far overshadows anything that Trump has either already gotten done or is likely to get done any time soon.

Trump, instead of getting substantive policy turned into law as president, has simply been golfing. His first big legislative push — a repeal of ObamaCare — crashed and burned when Arizona’s Senator John McCain voted “no” on a last ditch Senate version of the measure.

In the aftermath of TrumpCare’s failure, the president has set fire to a number of his bridges with Congress, attacking Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Twitter numerous times and sounding a death knell for possible future cooperation between the two interests. Congress has just recently reconvened for their fall session, and there are a number of items on the agenda, including a possible revisit of national health care policy.

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