Trump Jr. Snaps & Live Rage-Tweets Hillary Clinton’s Book Like A Total Psycho


The Trumps have a collective one track mind. Donald is solely focused on increasing his power, openly pledging allegiance to no interest but himself, and he, along with all the rest of his crew, is still largely obsessed with the election.

Donald Trump Jr. tried to mock Hillary Clinton on Twitter this Tuesday and failed miserably, since after all, the fact that he’s still whining about Hillary Clinton shows a pathetic level of pettiness.

His tweet was in response to an appearance from Hillary Clinton on a podcast called Pod Save America in which she discussed the rise of far right wing media in the age of Donald Trump. Showing just how much of an opening right wing media has been given in modern America, the president at one time had Breitbart head Steve Bannon as his chief strategist.

Clinton discussed the issue of this virulent right wing media in her appearance on the aforementioned podcast, and unsurprisingly, right wing media — The Daily Wire — quickly took up mocking the former Secretary of State and first major party female presidential candidate. Although Clinton’s comments were seemingly in the context of the far right propaganda machines InfoWars and Breitbart, among others, The Daily Wire made it seem as though Clinton was criticizing the mainstream media as hostile towards her — and Donald Trump Jr. ate it right up.

In a Tuesday afternoon Twitter post, Trump Jr. wrote, in response to the story from The Daily Wire called “LOL: Hillary Thinks The Media Environment Is ‘Very Difficult’ For The Democrats” and referencing her new memoir, What Happened:

‘LOL this is almost as ridiculous as leaving the question mark off of the book title. #whathappened???’

The fact of the matter remains that no matter what nonsense Trump and his team wants to spew out, the far right media machine remains a volatile force in American politics, spewing hatred and fostering its growth. Just because Donald Trump Jr. wants to go along with what amounts to a defense of sites like Breitbart and InfoWars doesn’t make the sites legitimate.

Check out Twitter’s response below.

Featured Image via JIM WATSON/ AFP/Getty Images

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