Trump Woke Up At Dawn, Got Angry, & Tweeted A Deranged ALL CAPS Mental Breakdown


Donald Trump is often quite angry that he is unable to control the narrative about him in the media and online. Unlike Trump’s friend Vladimir Putin, he does not get to enjoy having state-run media at his disposal (although Fox News toes that line and sometimes makes giant leaps across that line) to feed citizens of the country he presides over in order to promote his agenda and control his public image.

Trump has been so enraged by this, in fact, that he has often taken to Twitter to complain about it. The president was at it again on Tuesday morning with complaints.

It is impossible to know exactly which “books” and “major articles” Trump is referring to, but it isn’t difficult to imagine that Hillary Clinton’s new book, What Happened, is included there. As for the “major articles,” Trump often bemoans the legitimate news sources like The New York Times and Washington Post for their unflinching coverage of his lies and bluster, even when what they report is simply the exact wording of statements Trump has made in public.

Twitter is more than over Trump’s whining and responded in kind.

Featured image via Getty/Bloomberg

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