Jimmy Carter Just Gave A Speech That Trump Does Not Want You To Hear (VIDEO)


Trump has long made it clear that he has basically no intention of ever heeding any advice or counsel from anyone who isn’t exactly aligned with his goals and viewpoints, but hey, we can still hope, right?

The president to have lived the longest since leaving office — Jimmy Carter — has some “advice” for the struggling, belligerent President Trump.

Carter was speaking this Tuesday to supporters of his organization known as the Carter Center, taking audience members’ questions when he got faced with a formidable one: “What words of wisdom and advice would you give our current president, President Carter?”

After pausing for a bit, at which time the audience laughed at how clear it was that Carter found the question of where to start with Trump nearly insurmountable, the president turned longtime activist said:

‘I would say; Keep the peace, promote human rights, and tell the truth.’

After Carter’s short but on-point answer, the audience broke into a round of applause.

Trump has most certainly fallen short on all three of the points that Carter mentions. On a foreign policy level, Trump has been routinely belligerent enough in his attitude towards North Korea to the point that the nation has grown ever the more vocal about plans to attack the U.S. On the domestic level, Trump’s support of white supremacist causes could be said to be tearing the country asunder.

As for the second point, Trump’s move to strip millions of low-income Americans of their health care is most certainly not an advancement of human rights, and as for the last point, Trump is infamously well known for having more false statements on record than any other modern president.

Carter touched on some of these issues at other points in his remarks, stating, for instance, that he believes that the only way forward on the issue of North Korea’s nuclear arsenal is to negotiate with the country directly.

Carter commented:

‘I would send my top person to Pyongyang immediately, if I didn’t go myself… Until we talk to them and threat them with respect — as human beings, which they are — I don’t think we’re going to make any progress.’

Watch Carter’s remarks about Trump below.

Featured Image via Screenshot from the video.

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