JUST IN: Deadly School Shooting Leaves Multiple Victims In Its Wake (IMAGE)


The American culture of violence, which has only grown since Donald Trump’s rise to power, has manifested itself in a new way this Wednesday.

A gunman, who is now in custody, opened fire at Freeman High School this Wednesday afternoon, striking at least four. The school is south of Spokane, Washington.

According to reports from local media, one of those who was shot in the incident is deceased. The others are being treated at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center. That hospital’s chief of surgery, Michael Moore, said that his facility was well prepared to deal with the tragedy, having trained for such a need “regularly” and currently having eight surgery sites open for the victims.

There is not yet any apparent public word as to the identity of the shooter or possible motive; a local fire chief said they did not know whether or not the gunman was a student at the school. In addition, there is no word as to the identities of the victims.

Within a couple of hours after the incident, local authorities were reportedly urging drivers to avoid a local highway so as to leave them clear for emergency vehicles. All local schools were placed on a precautionary lock down following the incident.

Cheryl Moser, whose son is a freshman at Freeman High School, told the Spokane Spokesman-Review about a harrowing phone call from her son after the shots were fired, saying:

‘He called me and said, “Mom there are gunshots.” He sounded so scared. I’ve never heard him like that. You never think about something happening like this at a small school.’

A social media post from someone saying they are a student at Freeman High School and went through the school’s response to the incident is below.

Read Twitter’s thoughts about the incident below.


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