JUST IN: Dems Deliver Massive Trump Upset In Special State Elections (DETAILS)


Many people are ready for Democrats to gain back control of Congress. The midterm elections aren’t until 2018 but some politicians have been steadily focused with that goal in the mind. Now, there is a glimmer of hope it seems. Democrats managed to gain back two spots in the House in the states of Oklahoma and New Hampshire ahead of the 2018 elections.

On Tuesday, Democratic school teacher, Jacob Rosecrants, won the race for Oklahoma’s House district 46, gaining 60 percent of the vote and defeating Republican Darin Chambers who only managed to receive 40 percent of the vote.

Looking at voter registrations for the district, Republicans actually held 3,000 voter-registration advantage so it is a feat that Rosecrants was able to squeak out the victory.

In New Hampshire’s House district 9 election, Charlie St. Clair defeated Republican Steven Whalley, 56 to 44 percent. St. Clair is now replacing the current Republican in the seat, Robert Fisher.

Democrats everywhere are preparing for the crucial 2018 midterm elections and it looks as if they are off to a good start.

Featured image by Ray Lustig/The Washington Post via Getty Images.



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