Trump Makes Trip Announcement During Ridiculous 4AM Wake-Up Call To America


Donald Trump thinks he is a beloved elected official, even going so far as to let the entire world know via Twitter, any time he is going somewhere. Many times, it’s somewhat entertaining to see the commonly misspelled words, or and the all-together made up words he throws in, but for the most part, no one cares about your ridiculously-timed morning rants, Donald.

About an hour ago, Trump tweeted the following:

Trump desperately wants people to think that he cares about the Floridians affected by Hurricane Irma, so he’s doing what he knows president’s have to do, and he is doing another half-assed tour of wreckage, much like the one he did when he visited the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

It’s not working, however, and people can see straight through the shenanigans.

The response to Trump’s tweet was overwhelming. From anger to elation, we have all the weirdness below via screenshot:

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