W.H. Calls For ‘ESPN’ Host To Be Fired & The Reason Is Staggeringly Stupid (VIDEO)


Ask any member of the Trump Administration, and they will no doubt lead you to believe that there is no place for opposition to the government in modern American politics. Donald can not tolerate opposition — it damages his already desperately fragile ego.

Early this week, a scandal erupted after ESPN host Jemele Hill took to Twitter to slam the president, his supporters, and the members of his inner circle as the bunch of white supremacists that they are. While her comments may not have been the most advantageous move career-wise, she’s certainly on point. Most recently, the president refused to expressly condemn white supremacists who gathered in Virginia, insisting that “fine people” were among them.

On Wednesday, a reporter asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders about Hill’s comments — and Sanders’ answer betrays a stunningly arrogant and volatile level of toxicity in the Trump Administration’s attitude towards the press. This toxicity has been evident before, but now, Sanders has pushed off that much farther from decency.

Sanders said of Hill’s comments:

‘That is one of the more outrageous comments that anybody could make and certainly is something that is a fireable offense by ESPN.’

Journalist James Fallows commented on Twitter that he is “[n]ot aware of any previous WH spokesman, from WH podium, calling for someone to be fired for anti-Prez comments.”

Veteran journalist Jake Tapper echoed Fallows’ comments, asking on Twitter:

‘Can anyone remember such a thing? A WH spox calling for employee of private company to be fired for anti-POTUS comments?’

Indeed, for Sanders to suggest that Hill should be fired means that she thinks that the Trump Administration has the power to decide what’s covered by free speech and what’s not. As mentioned, besides the toxic arrogance evidenced by the remarks, Sanders suggesting that Hill be fired also betrays just how pathetically sensitive the president and other members of his administration actually are.

ESPN has itself already responded to Hill’s comments, stating that Hill “recognizes her actions were inappropriate.” Sanders isn’t the only one on the right calling for Hill to be fired, but her turning the White House podium into a fountain for such rhetoric is inappropriate at best — if anyone should be fired, Sanders should.

Watch a video of Sanders’ comments below.

Read Twitter replies about Sanders’ comments below.

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