White House Issues Blatant Lie About President Obama – Americans Are Pissed Off


Try not to laugh too hard at this one, folks.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders reached a new level of delusional Wednesday when she made the nonsensical claim that “This president has done more for bipartisanship in the last eight days than Obama did in eight years.” Breathtaking.

The reality is, of course, that President Obama faced unprecedented obstruction by a Republican Party determined to do nothing but say “no,” whereas Donald Trump’s projection of an “obstructionist” Democratic Party has largely been false, and, with the GOP currently eating itself alive, he’s been forced to make concessions to and work with Democrats in order to get the most basic things done, such as keeping the government open. What Sarah Sanders hilariously sees as “bipartisanship” is an amateur president leading from behind, and a majority party that just figured out it doesn’t even know how to govern.

Here’s the video:


You almost have to admire her brazenness.

When Twitter heard about it, users were quick to correct the record or, in some cases, just laugh:

The majority of Americans disapprove of Trump, and the fact that Trump is being forced to acquiesce to Democratic demands doesn’t make that any less true. Masking Republican inability to govern as “bipartisanship” isn’t fooling anybody, and the White House must think our memories are awfully short if they’re out to convince us Republicans tried — at all — to work with President Obama.

And acting like Trump plays any sort of major role in any legislation he does end up signing is, itself, laughable. You’re telling us the guy who can barely read, who is well-known for having an extremely short attention span, and who doesn’t typically know what his own plans say is worried about details? Nope. He just wants a pat on the back and for somebody to tell him he did a good job while he continues to enrich himself.

No matter how much Trump tries to undermine President Obama’s legacy, he will never be half the president Barack Obama was. Even at the apparent pinnacle of his success, he can’t erase that fact, and how much it gets under his skin could not be more clear.

Featured image via Getty Images/Win McNamee

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