Trump Goes On Embarrassing Pre-Dawn Twitter Rant About Pence’s Planned PR Stunt


There are many things happening in the world at the moment that require the president’s attention, nothing more so than the devastation and suffering still happening in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. However, this president has better things to do than think about Puerto Ricans. Donald Trump, who promised his supporters he’d be too busy working to even play golf as president and who criticized President Obama for once answering a question about his thoughts on an NFL controversy, is busy plotting publicity stunts at football games with the vice president.

Using taxpayer dollars to fund both the trip as well as the secret service protection required for such a publicity stunt, Vice President Mike Pence attended an Indianapolis Colts football game only to leave when players knelt during the national anthem in protest of the police brutality too often faced by people of color. Shortly afterward, Trump bragged that the whole thing was his idea and on Monday morning, he tweeted about all the “great praise” Pence has received because of it.

However, Twitter did not seem to praise any of this ridiculousness.

Featured image via Getty/Mandel Ngan

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