Kellyanne Conway Busted In Massively Blatant Lie There Is No Coming Back From


One thing about the Trump administration — they make our jobs easy at times. The thing is, they say such contradictory things you immediately can refute it within minutes. All you have to do is scroll through recent comments and find where they have contradicted themselves.

Kellyanne Conway and the media had that type of moment on Wednesday. Conway was attending Fortune‘s Most Powerful Women summit and remarked she had never used the term “fake news.” She said:

‘I’m a person in the West Wing who’s never actually uttered the words “fake news,” “enemy of the people,” “opposition party,” I don’t speak that way.’

We will give you a moment to clean up the drink you just spit out as you screamed, “What?!” We understand. Her comments are that unbelievable.

How unbelievable? A quick Google search using the terms, “Kellyanne Conway ‘fake news'” revealed a story on the first page that went to a video on CNN’s Facebook page. The first thing she said in the video was:

‘The biggest piece of fake news in this election was that Donald J. Trump couldn’t win.”

Additionally, TIME magazine reported a few instances when Conway did use the term “fake news.”

‘While she does not use the term often, Conway has said “fake news” on some occasions. In November, she tweeted approvingly about a profile of herself, saying it was “the facts” after “a day of FAKE news.”

What Conway was trying to say on Wednesday was she took issue with how unfair the media portrayed President Trump.

‘What I’m concerned about is that this president, and I hear this from people who did not vote for him and from people who don’t always cover him fully and fairly either, but there is a concern that they literally have never seen a president covered this way. My grievance is never about fake news. I talk about incomplete coverage.’

She also said she feels the freedom of the press is important.

‘I think we need a full and free press in our nation, of course. But with that freedom comes responsibility.’

This remark came after her boss tweeted his desire to revoke the licenses of news media agencies.

Featured image by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Fortune.

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