Trump Tweets Line From Phony Wednesday Speech & Promptly Gets Torn Apart


Every time President Trump addresses the country on serious topics he comes across as ingenuine, as though he is reading a script written for him, for the very first time. Trump held a conference and gave a speech on Wednesday, addressing some of the recent tragedies that have taken place within America, including the Las Vegas shootings, the wildfires in California and hurricanes.

The president stated:

‘In the darkest moments, the light of our people has shown through like seldom before, their goodness, their courage and their love.’

The president shared his short segment of his speech onto his Twitter page, and it did not take long for users of the social media site to tear into him. Many pointed out that the president sounded robotic and ingenuine. Other users pointed out that goodness, courage, and love are things that the president himself appears to lack.

The American people are carrying on despite the president, not because of him. Trump’s attempt to take credit for the unity of the American people in light of the many tragedies across the country was sad and did not go unnoticed.

You can view the short segment of the speech President Trump shared to his Twitter page below.

You can view some of the best responses to Trump’s tweet below.

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