Trump Throws Wild FAKE NEWS Tantrum On Twitter Like A Giant, Soiled Man-Baby


After a full day of threatening to curtail the First Amendment right to freedom of the press, in which Trump tweeted about challenging the broadcast licenses of networks that report negative stories about him, the president woke up and went right back for the jugular like an orange man obsessed.

Demeaning and denigrating is completely Trump’s Twitter territory, but the thin-skinned one sure doesn’t like it when anyone, including the free press whose responsibility it is to inform us about our elected leaders, says anything even the slightest bit unflattering about him.

With a long three and a half years of the Trump presidency left to go, is it any wonder that the media and the citizens of the United States are calling out the very frightening and absurd actions of this president? Unchecked, it is nearly impossible to imagine the amount of damage he could do considering how bad it has already become.

Twitter let Trump know they are not impressed with his insults.

Featured image screengrab via YouTube

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