BREAKING: Scandalous New White House Report Incriminates Ivanka Trump


Remember Michael Flynn? Earlier this year, Trump appointed him to be his first national security adviser upon his assumption of the office of the presidency.

Flynn didn’t last long — in fact, he ended up setting a record for the shortest amount of time anyone has ever spent as a president’s national security adviser. His early departure was prompted by the revelation that he had undisclosed and corrupting ties to Russia and Turkey.

In the case of Russia, he had been in contact with then-Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergei Kislyak multiple times, communications which he kept under wraps for some time. He also had accepted a speaking fee from Russian state television. In the case of Turkey, he had completed lobbying work in the U.S. on behalf of the Turkish government, something that he had also kept under wraps.

The question remains — how did this man ever get a job inside the White House and get renewed access to U.S. secrets? Who let him in?

According to a new report from The New Yorker, the answer to that question is that responsibility for Flynn ever getting a job inside D.C. in the Trump Administration rests, in part at least, with none other than Ivanka Trump. Although she has an official role in her father’s White House — as does her husband, Jared Kushner — she doesn’t have any more of an idea of what she’s doing in D.C. than her dad does.

The revelation of Ivanka’s role in getting Flynn into the Trump Administration comes in the context of a report on Mike Pence’s ascent to becoming Donald Trump’s right hand man.

Pence, soon after the election, took over control of the presidential transition team from New Jersey’s Chris Christie. Four anonymous sources detail a meeting that took place just a short time before that transfer of power which highlights just what a disproportionately large role that the Trumps’ personal ambitions play in the president’s team.

According to these sources, Christie, in one of his final acts as presidential transition team leader, was heading a meeting on November 11, 2016, when the retired General Michael Flynn walked in, alongside General Keith Kellogg, an “ally” of his.

Although Christie attempted to retain control of the meeting, Ivanka Trump quickly took over, letting everyone present know that she was the one who had invited Flynn. She reportedly then asked what job he wanted in the Trump Administration, to which he replied by expressing an interest in being either Secretary of State or Secretary of Defense. If he couldn’t get either of those positions, he said, he would “settle for national security adviser.”

A short time after this meeting took place, Christie was officially out as Trump’s transition team leader, and within days, Flynn was officially named as the president’s national security adviser.

It’s worth noting that, as The New Yorker explains, Pence himself does not escape responsibility for Flynn ever getting into the White House. As leader of the transition team, he ignored warnings about the retired General’s background.

Featured Image via Chip Somodevilla/ Getty Images

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