Trump Offers Proof Of Phone Call To Widow, Gets Caught In Even Bigger Lie (DETAILS)


Whenever President Trump is caught in a blatant, easily disproven lie, he always doubles down even harder and his responses become even uglier. There have been no deviations from that pattern even when those who fact-check him are the grieving members of gold star families.

When Trump is caught in a lie, the web usually only gets stickier. During the White House press briefing on Wednesday, the White House told a few major lies, one with an explanation that is simply not verifiable, and other huge and reprehensible lie that was immediately fact-checked and proven false.

Trump was reported by not only Sen. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) as having made a disgustingly disrespectful phone call to a fallen soldier’s pregnant widow, but by the soldier’s mother, as well. Trump has continued to bite back at the Democratic representative without acknowledging that his denials also mean a gold star mother is lying about him, as well.

After the soldier’s mother spoke up, the White House seemed to confirm that Trump’s words had been as previously reported but that he had been “misunderstood.” Sarah Huckabee Sanders was forced to cover Trump’s cruel accusations during her daily press briefing, saying that Trump had been “perfectly respectful” to the soldier’s family just hours after the fallen soldier’s mother said that he hadn’t and that she and her family felt “disrespected.”

Instead of just backing away, The White House also offered proof on Tuesday afternoon that Sen. Wilson, whose claim was confirmed by the gold star mother, is a liar. His proof is not exactly irrefutable or able to be confirmed without question. During the press briefing, Huckabee Sanders told reporters that:

‘There were several people in the room from the administration that were on the call, including the chief of staff, Gen. John Kelly.’

While there is no proof that anyone else was in on the phone call, there definitely is proof that Huckabee Sanders crafted another huge lie regarding the president’s response during the briefing. When asked why Trump had waited so long to respond to the four fallen soldiers in Niger, while Trump was busy tweeting about the NFL and Hillary Clinton, Huckabee Sanders described a long process of being informed by the Dept. of Defense to confirm the names and families of dead soldiers. The president who happily retweets Breitbart and Fox News waits for official confirmation before tweeting things, right?

Now, even that is debunked. According to POLITICO:

‘Staffers at the National Security Council drafted and circulated a statement of condolence for President Donald Trump to make almost immediately after a deadly ambush of U.S. soldiers in Niger earlier this month.

‘But Trump never publicly issued the statement, and, some two weeks later, is now in hot water over his initial silence on the soldiers’ deaths and alleged controversial comments he made to a widow of one of the dead.

‘The draft statement, a copy of which was seen by POLITICO on Wednesday, was put together on Oct. 5.’

The statement, therefore, was crafted just one day after the death of LaDavid Johnson and three other soldiers who died in Niger. There was no delay in informing the president.

Is there anything this man won’t lie about?

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