Trump Unveils Hideous New Hat For Halloween Sale; LA Dodgers Pitcher Responds


Reminding us all what Trump’s run for the presidency was about all along — making him money and earning him publicity — the Trump campaign has unveiled a new item for sale — an orange hat with a yellow outline of a Jack-O-Lantern on the front and, in black letters, the phrase “Make America Great Again” on the back. The website implores visitors to “order by Oct. 23rd to ensure delivery before Halloween.”

Has the GOP and/or the Trump team found themselves in that much of a financial bind, thanks to the president’s massive legal bills? The hat is being sold for a stunning $45, so the president evidently doesn’t intend for those of his supporters whose health care he is threatening to buy one. Alternatively, perhaps Trump hopes his followers buy these hats instead of paying for their health care bills — because to Trump, wishing away the facts of life, including health care bills, is how it works.

Making us feel like we are in North Korea and not the United States, Lara Trump — Eric Trump’s wife — posed for a photo wearing one of the hats in front of a portrait of her father-in-law.

Alongside a link to her father-in-law’s apparel site, Lara wrote:

#MakeHalloweenGreatAgain and order your pumpkin #MAGA hat today!’

Check out her original post below.

It’s not immediately clear where the Trumps have this portrait of the president, although wherever it is, it adds a disturbing color to the president’s own dictatorial tendencies. Generally, Americans just don’t venerate portraits of our leaders.

Unsurprisingly, the strange new apparel item being sold by the president’s team drew immediate wide ridicule from across social media.

LA Dodgers pitchers Brandon McCarthy quipped, in light of the president’s false insistence that his proposed tax cuts will make life truly better for Americans, “oooh I know what I’m spending my tax cut on.”

Although he might never hear about McCarthy’s tweet, it’s not beyond the president to use Twitter as the platform for days and days of railing against the Dodgers. He’s been feuding with the NFL for weeks.

In response to Lara Trump’s tweet, late night host Samantha Bee posted the question, “You… made a Trump hat… featuring… an orange ghoul?”

Nobody really thought very highly of the ugly $45 hat.

Check out more Twitter responses to it below.

Featured Image via Ralph Freso / Stringer/ Getty Images

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