Meghan McCain Gets Into Verbal Brawl With ‘View’ Host Over Mueller Indictment


The gloves came off on The View Monday morning as 12 counts of indictment, including “conspiracy against the United States,”  against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates was released.

Meghan McCain, a Republican and a former contributor for FOX News, tried to downplay the announcement, stating:

‘…we don’t know what we don’t know yet, let’s not get ahead, like let’s just get, like we don’t even know what is happening yet.’

McCain was constant in her aversion to discuss the indictments against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates. Loyal to the Republicans, she would throw it back to the previous Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton and her past involvement in questionable, possibly scandalous situations.

Sunny Hostin, a former prosecutor, was having none of that.  She was quick to point out that neither Obama nor Hillary Clinton were being indicted. She tried several times to discuss the indictments. Hostin wanted to talk about the facts, the current indictments, not theories about past candidates.   She responded, “If we talk about the indictment, which is a fact. Right? Because I have it right here…”

McCain side stepped the indictment again, willing to debate about Hillary Clinton and her ties to the Russian Dossier. Perhaps sensing she was losing ground, McCain then went on to claim that this is, “an ultimate breakdown in democracy” and that “both sides” are to blame. Another attempt to create a debate about anything but the 12 counts, including tax evasion, money laundering, and conspiracy indictments against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates.

Hostin was quick to respond. Not wanting to talk about “both sides.” Still wanting to discuss the indictments,  McCain, talking over Hostin, tried to steer the conversation back to Hillary Clinton and the dossier. Hostin then shouted, “Hillary Clinton is not the president and Hillary Clinton wasn’t just indicted!” at which point the audience erupted.

McCain continued to avoid discussing the current indictments and decides to try a new tactic by offering  “her insight” into Paul Manafort. Distraction seems to be her defensive move and Co-host, Joy Behar remarked, “it’s a distraction, Meghan”.

Hostin reminded McCain several times that none of the situations McCain as referring to involved indictments.  Again Hostin  tries to bring the conversation back to the topic, “..we’ve danced around every single topic, except what happened today. ”

Click the link below to see the dispute.

Featured Image is a screenshot from the video

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