Trump’s Lawyer Makes Surprise Appearance On CNN & Ends Up Instantly Regretting It

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This is unbelievable. Donald Trump’s lawyer is either incredibly stupid, or he is attempting to be incredibly smart. Either way, he completely missed the mark this morning when he admitted outright that President Trump had, in fact, colluded with Russians, and that we all really just need to get over it because it was totally benign.

Trump has got to be losing his mind after Monday morning’s triple indictment in Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. The White House is holding firm that Paul Manafort’s arrest has nothing to do with Donald Trump because it happened before he was hired to work on Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

LIVE: White House press briefing

WATCH LIVE: The White House holds its first press briefing since former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was indicted on charges of "conspiracy against the United States."

Posted by The Hill on Monday, October 30, 2017

The release of this information, and the knowledge that this is just the beginning of what Robert Mueller is about to unleash onto the Trump Administration, has got to be eating away at anyone working in the White House. History is literally unfolding before our eyes, and the President of the United States may actually go to federal prison.

This Republican freakout is happening across the board with responses from people like Paul Ryan, who said:

“Nothing’s going to derail what we’re doing in Congress. The Jerry Bader Show.”

Sounds like Ryan is almost predicting what will inevitably happen.

Trump waited a couple hours after the Manafort turned himself in to tweet the following:

This entire debacle has been nothing but one sh*tshow after another, and nothing anyone can say could possibly change the fact that Donald Trump’s arrogance and ignorance dug him into the deepest hole. A hole from which he could never possibly emerge without irreversible injury. This could be one of the last few months Donald Trump has to be a free man. Can you imagine what life without spray tans will be like for the ridiculous White House clown? The pictures should be legendary.

This all leads to Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow LIVE on CNN this morning acting a complete fool.

“A conversation that someone might have, those are not illegal activities. I mean..that’s not an inappropriate activity. Again, where did he get in trouble? Was it the call that he made to the Russian professor? No, that wasn’t what got him in trouble. That’s not where the crime was. The crime was lying about the timing of it to the agents.”

A lawyer who is shocked that it’s illegal to lie to a federal agent who is investigating the 2016 presidential election. That’s a scary thing. Check out the big moron below via Twitter:

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