Trump Responds To Tragic Manhattan Terrorist Attack Like An Angry Old Racist


Police are now investigating the accident in Manhattan that claimed at least six lives as a terrorist attack. A man in a rented Home Depot truck plowed through bicyclists and pedestrians before slamming into a school bus and allegedly exiting his vehicle shooting anyone nearby.

The scene is still chaotic, but CNN confirms the act is being investigated as a terror attack because of the distance the man drove down the path. The 20 block stretch of destruction is the clear evidence of intent.

The gunman is now in custody as details continue pouring in and broadcasts from news helicopters and citizens on the ground recording with their cell phones, are flooding Twitter:

Just minutes ago, President Trump took to Twitter to let his feelings on Tuesday morning’s lower Manhattan incident known. As you can imagine, it is lacking everything a presidential message after a national tragedy should be. The president tweeted the following:

No one is sure what Trump means by “NOT IN THE USA!,” but what’s new, really? Trump was obviously in his feelings when he wrote this just a few moments ago, but, unlike grown up humans, he is unable to act with any kind of class when he is emotional.

The responses to the tweet give an idea of just how angry people are that we are all stuck with this giant moron running our country. Check out a few of them below.

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