White House Calls Weird Halloween Press Conference & It Became A Total Sh*t Show


Sarah Huckabee Sanders was not looking like it was  one of her happiest or brightest moments during White House Press Briefing. Trick or treat?  Guess it being Halloween, anything goes.

During a press briefing, White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders accused the media of  “being obsessed” in regards to the Russian investigation.  Sanders was asked  by ABC News Chief White House Correspondent, Jonathan Karl, if President Donald Trump’s duties were being affected by Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.  Sanders tried to look intelligent by suggesting that the media is obsessed.

Sanders seemed to think it would be a smart move to insinuate that the media is distracted from issues that people really care about — issues like tax reform, but not tax transparency for the President. Don’t get confused. Sanders looking like a bright bulb answered:

‘You guys seem completely obsessed with this, while there are a lot of other things happening around the country and frankly a lot of other things that people care a lot more about.’

Sounds like people do care about what is happening, especially when the current administration is being investigated. To make it sound irrelevant and minor because it doesn’t fit into the agenda or isn’t positive is an insult to the people who truly do care. The media is trying to report what the American people are interested in, not what the White House wants the American people to be interested in. Sanders told Jonathan Karl, from ABC News, ‘the media refuses to cover it, and I think that’s the distraction.’

Sanders then suggested that if reporters were to review White House Press briefings they would notice more questions in regards to the Robert Mueller Russia investigation than in the actual policies President Donald Trump is trying to incorporate.

Sanders did not win over Republicans at the Halloween show or White House press briefing today. Sanders did mention earlier this week that the Russia investigation does not affect the White House or deter President Donald Trump from doing his job. Sanders did manage to avoid answering any questions regarding yesterday’s announcement of 12 counts of indictment handed out to Paul Manafort, and Rick Gates .

Sanders: Russia Probe Not a Distraction for Trump

Press Sec. Sarah Sanders tells ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl that special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe is not affecting Pres. Trump's ability to do his job, but that the media is "completely obsessed." http://abcn.ws/2zlIkZP

Posted by ABC News on Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Featured Image is a screenshot from the video.

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