Indicted Trump Adviser Drops Collusion Bombshell – Trump In Prison Freak Out Mode


By now, there have been many accounts of the Trump campaign being in contact with Russian officials. Former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was indicted on Monday after being investigated by the FBI since 2014 and most recently by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. According to CNN:

‘Manafort also had long been someone with a demonstrated willingness to work for controversial/authoritarian foreign leaders and businessmen with questionable pasts — most notably with his involvement in Ukraine, where he represented pro-Russian interests.’

Even though Manafort’s charges do not incriminate Trump or serve as proof that the president knew about Russian collusion, it does tell people that he most likely knew about Manafort’s questionable and sketchy past and didn’t care. There had to have been plenty of motives around why he hired him. CNN called the Manafort indictment “far from Trump’s worst case scenario” though.

Now, it looks as though CNN was correct — There is a high probability that the Manafort indictment will probably not be what seals Trump’s fate. The worst case scenario for Trump seems to point to former foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos, who was the third person to be indicted earlier this week. Papadopoulos entered a guilty plea that sounds a whistle loud enough to stop the president in his tracks.

Trump immediately went on Twitter following the indictments in a desperate attempt to refute guilt:

However, Papadopoulos’ guilty plea affidavit certainly smells of the opposite. The guilty plea says:

‘On or about March 31, 2016, defendant PAPADOPOULOS attended a “national security meeting” in Washington, D.C., with then-candidate Trump and other foreign policy advisors for the Campaign. When defendant PAPADOPOULOS introduced himself to the group, he stated, in sum and substance, that he had connections that could help arrange a meeting between then-candidate Trump and President Putin.’

This means that a meeting happened where Trump was present when Russian collusion was discussed, but there is no evidence that he reported a possible security breach to the FBI or told them anything about it. Earlier Trump had asserted that there was no Russian interference in the election and, even bigger, is the fact that he said nobody that he knew had contacts with Russia, either.

Then, more information detailing how those closest to the president — Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr. were present at the meeting at Trump Tower with Russian officials which was said to have been a meeting about Russian adoption. According to The Washington Examiner

‘When news broke of the meeting, the president helped write a statement for his son describing the gathering as a “short, introductory meeting.”‘

According to The New York Times:

‘President Trump projected an air of calm on Wednesday after charges against his former campaign chief and foreign policy aide roiled Washington, insisting to The New York Times that he was not “angry at anybody” and that investigations into his campaign links to Russia had not come near him personally.’

Papadopoulos’ guilty plea spells otherwise though about President Trump, and the foreseeable outcome for him is bleak, according to the information provided by his former foreign policy adviser.

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