Trump Springs Into Pre-Dawn Mega Rant About NYC Attack Like A Bigoted Klansman


Donald Trump wasted no time in tweeting about the NYC terrorist attack Tuesday, and his response was infuriating. Eight people were killed and more were injured when a man in a rented Home Depot truck purposely drove into the bike path near One World Trade in lower Manhattan.

The videos poured in via Twitter, and images of bodies on the ground and a battered truck, flooded in internet.

Trump immediately ran to Twitter, and posted the following:

Remember how long it took him to tweet about Vegas after 59 people were killed. Also remember that he never said anything too terribly bad about the murderer.

Wednesday morning Trump continued his idiocy with a chain of tweets about the NYC attack that have the whole country in an uproar:

As usual, the president of the United States has no idea what he is talking about. The people who left comments on the threads were equally as angry about the difference in posts between Vegas and NYC. We saved the best responses below.

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