Another Big-Shot Republican Accused Of Sexual Assault – Six Women Come Forward


In one of the latest scandals to rock the entertainment world, at least 57 women have accused well-known Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault or harassment. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences made a decision to expel him from the Academy, which makes him only the second person ever to be kicked out.

Recently, as well, there has been a string of Fox News talk show hosts and executives who have been accused of sexual misconduct by their female colleagues. This includes former Fox chairman and CEO Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, Eric Bolling, Sean Hannity and a few others. It’s not a shock that a string of Fox-affiliated conservatives have been accused of sexual harassment, although it is upsetting that it is such a prevalent issue in our country, especially by people in powerful positions.

The president of the United States himself has been accused of sexual assault by numerous women, although he has never paid the price for his actions. Let that sink in — the leader of the Republican Party and the United States of America is a sexual predator. Now, it seems that another powerful Republican politician may be a perpetrator of sexual assault – Florida Senate budget chair and Republican gubernatorial candidate, Jack Latvala.

Six women who work in Florida’s Capitol say Latvala has inappropriately touched them without their consent or made remarks that were demeaning about their bodies. Republican Congressman Matt Goetz tried to distance himself from Latvala saying:

‘He’s a hound. I mean, everyone in Tallahassee knows that Jack Latvala is an absolute hound. Jack believes that his power as a legislator gives him some special power with women. And, there are times when it’s clearly unrequited.’

The female victims, who work at the Capitol, include lobbyists as well as staff members from both parties, and claim that the harassment and groping occurred over several years. Latvala has denied the accusations and even told a reporter that sexual harassment wasn’t a problem in the Florida Senate, saying that he himself has never even been accused of sexual harassment.

According to the women POLITICO interviewed:

‘They said they felt degraded and demeaned when he touched their buttocks or other private areas of their bodies, or when he commented on their weight and their breast size. One woman said the legislator would audibly grunt in her ear when giving her lengthy hugs that were physically and emotionally painful and embarrassing.’

One woman said:

‘It was so disgusting and I had to just stand there, over and over again when he would do this, squeezing me hard and grunting in my ear.’

According to Gaetz, Latvala is preparing to withdraw from the governor’s race in fear that more women will start coming forward. Gaetz said:

‘He’s a hound. I mean, everyone in Tallahassee knows that Jack Latvala is an absolute hound.’

Gaetz admitted to witnessing incidents as well. There are also women who weren’t touched by Latvala, but claim that that they were treated coldly if they ignored his advances toward them.

Here were some responses on Twitter to Latvala’s accusations:

A few comments got very personal:

MSNBC reports on a list of powerful men accused of sexual harassment.

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