Gabby Giffords’ Response To TX Church Massacre Just Went Viral In 8 Seconds Flat


In the wake of yet another mass shooting in the United States, Gabrielle Giffords, former congresswoman and survivor of gun violence, makes a desperate plea for lawmakers to do something in the form of gun legislation reform.

The violence that broke out Sunday when a gunman opened fire on a Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, Texas has left 26 people dead so far and an even larger number being treated for wounds. This scenario has become all too acceptable to the American public, who are more worried about having their guns taken from them or stricter gun legislation than being killed at any given moment, just for attending a public event.

The president commented on the tragic event by posting his condolences via Twitter, while in Japan, golfing.

Now, former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona is asking lawmakers to take action and make a stand against this epidemic of mass shootings taking place in the U.S.

Giffords tweeted:

‘I am heartbroken to hear that once again a place for peace and prayer has become a scene of horror and fears. The alarming frequency with which we watch terrifying scenes unfold in our communities is devastating – and it’s not normal. I am praying that our lawmakers find the courage to face our nation’s gun violence problem. This must stop.’

Giffords Tweets inspired a stampede of responses, some of the best can be found below:

The former congresswoman has very real and personal experience with gun violence. In 2011 Giffords was holding the first “Congress on Your Corner” meeting. The meeting was an opportunity for representatives and constituents to speak face to face. Gifford was shot in the head by a madman who shot into the crowd, hitting 19 people and killing six.

The Arizona congresswoman required emergency surgery to save her life, and endured an induced coma, but after a lot of hard work she Giffords was able to make an amazing recovery, although she still suffers from the effects of the attack and always will to some degree.

You can see footage of the aftermath of the carnage that Gabrielle Giffords has faced:

Giffords has since become an advocate for gun law reform and started an anti-gun nonprofit, Americans for Responsible Solutions, in 2013. She is 1 of 3 former members of congress to survive a shooting, along with Steve Scalise, who was shot during a congressional baseball game in June, and Jackie Speier, who was shot in the Jonestown massacre in 1978.

When will lawmakers, and Republicans in general, finally decide that “before another person gets killed” is the appropriate time to discuss gun law reform and regulation? Sadly, unless Republican house members experience the effects of the United States lax gun laws and regulations firsthand, there won’t likely be a resolution. Unfortunately, this heinous act of violence committed by an American man who bought his gun legally is just a drop in the bucket until lawmakers can pull their heads out of their backsides.

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