Ivanka Tweets About TX Church Shooting & Gets A Harsh Dose Of Reality In Seconds


Ivanka Trump has been touting her sudden opinions ever since her father announced his run for the presidency, and although they’re still held with the same distain, she continues to spew the ignorance on her Twitter account. One could surmise that she, much like her father, is an attention whore who will do any and everything for a like and a comment, even if it’s negative.

So today, when dozens of people were massacred at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, Ivanka felt the need to reach out to the people of America with the same, played out Bullsh*t her dad and everyone else is word-vomiting.

Ivanka tweeted this to her 4.81 million followers:

The shooting took place Sunday morning and claimed the lives of 26 people. The gunman was later killed by police after a car chase. Here is what we know about the terrorist attack:

Now, while Ivanka didn’t use the typical “thoughts and prayers” that Donald loves so much, she also didn’t say anything about the problem of gun control in America, or lack thereof. But why? Is it because she knows that she and her children are safe? Is it because of the armed guards who follow her every move, ensuring that she doesn’t have a care in the world?

This tweet has white privilege written all over it, and the people of the United States are sick of it. Here are some of the responses to Ivanka’s phony message:

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