Melania Tweets 5 Weak-Ass Words About TX Shooting – America Responds In Force


Melania Trump just tried her not-so hardest to pretend that she cares about the struggles of anyone other than herself, and the response she got from people on Twitter speaks volumes as to just how important her condolences are to the people in this country.

News broke hours ago about a mass shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas that claimed the lives of over 25 people. The final numbers have not been confirmed yet, but before they were, the entire first family had responded to the massacre.

This is what we know about the shooting so far:

Trump made a little bit more of an effort, but his attempt still fell short on deaf ears as Americans are sick of hearing about thoughts and prayers while being scared to even leave their homes, let alone attend any event where people are amassed into a nice, compact target for some trigger-happy psycho.

Melania’s response, however, is the most ridiculous thing you will ever see. She didn’t even try. She couldn’t even come up with a decent-lengthed sentence. The “first lady” wrote:

Talk about lackluster. This woman is a complete and utter disappointment. The responses to her half-assed attempt to be stately were comprised of far more intellectual talking points, and much bigger words. We saved the best reactions below:

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