Trump Addresses Mass Church Shooting From Tokyo With Bizarre On-Camera Display


Donald Trump couldn’t stop at his ridiculous tweet of thoughts and prayers to the victims of Sunday’s vicious attack on church parishioners in Sutherland Springs, Texas. He had to keep it going with an odd public address from a foreign country, and probably because someone told him to.

Sunday morning near San Antonio, a man dressed in black tactical gear entered a church and slaughtered 26 people aged 5 to 72. That man was later killed after a pursuit with police. Here is the latest on that:

Trump chimed in via Twitter a few hours ago with this gem that went viral in seconds:

The nation was hoping he’d stop at that and avoid any further embarrassment, but no, Trump’s going to milk this for all the personal publicity he can. So, what would any fame-whore do when they don’t really care about an issue but really want the camera time? They go on live television to read a poorly written script so slowly that the audience just wants to die.

Trump clearly struggled to get through the run-of-the-mill text, a speech stolen right out of the phony politician playbook.

Check out the weirdness below and judge for yourself:

The responses CNN got on that post were insane. Check out a few below:

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