Trump Responds To TX Church Shooting From Golf Course In Japan & Regrets It Instantly


Donald Trump is the least popular president in history, bar none. His relentless tweeting has gotten him into a heap of trouble, yet he persists in making an ass of himself. He’s repeatedly been told to stop tweeting every little thing that pops into his head, but Donnie loves the attention of leading the nation more than he loves the nation itself.

Trump tweeted about the Vegas massacre hours after the first headlines broke, and his message was focused on the victims, family of victims, and thoughts and prayers, you know, the standard “dotard” message for tragic events.

The day after the shooting, Trump tweeted the following:

Then on Halloween, when a man drove a rented Home Depot truck through a busy bike path near One World Trade in lower Manhattan, killing multiple people, the man’s face was immediately shown in video shot by passersby and from apartment windows as the scene unraveled on the streets below.

It was almost immediately known that the terrorist was likely Middle Eastern, and even headlines like “bearded man kills many” could be seen all over social media. Trump’s response to the terrorist attack committed by the Middle Eastern man that killed less than ten people was vastly different than the messages about Stephen Paddock, who killed 58 people from his Mandalay Bay hotel suite on October 1st.

The next day, on November 1st, Trump continued ranting about the terror attack in New York:

So, on Sunday morning, when news broke that a gunman opened fire in a baptist church during the morning sermon, people were immediately buzzing about how the president would react. Naturally, the race and nationality of the perpetrator had not been released to the media, so the president’s early tweet reads:

Trump is likely willing to bet that, due to the location of the shooting, the suspect is a white male, and that is the only reason he isn’t talking about ISIS and immigration laws.

It could still be some time until we know all the details of what took place in Sutherland, Texas Sunday morning. Here’s what we know as of now.

Americans are sick of hearing about thoughts and prayers, and they are tired of the president of the United States telling them that now isn’t the time to talk about gun control. The fact is Trump cares about money more than he cares about human life, and regardless of the fact that he’s probably never shot a gun in his life, he knows that his fans are toothless, sister-loving gun nuts.

And we all know how the president dances for his followers.

The responses to Trump’s tweet were far more valuable than the tweet itself, proving just how useless Trump’s words really are. We saved the best reactions for you below:

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