JUST IN: Senator John McCain Hospitalized Again (DETAILS)


In the latest of Senator John McCain’s medical ailments, the 81-year-old Republican from Arizona recently underwent medical treatment after suffering a minor tear to his Achilles tendon this last weekend. His office has since issued a statement outlining the extent of his injury, claiming that the tear was sustained to the tendon on his right ankle, and that the senator would be returning to work on Monday, despite the treatment. The statement further explained that the senator would be wearing a protective boot over the injured area, in order to ensure proper and full recovery of the treated tendon.

The news regarding the senator’s Achilles tendon comes only a few months after his brain cancer diagnosis, which was made public in July of this year. Since then, Sen. McCain has been receiving treatment on a regular ongoing basis for the illness. An interview on 60 Minutes shed light on the severity of his illness, claiming that it is a “very, very serious,” (CNN) issue.

The statement released by his office outlines that the senator received medical attention at Walter Reed Medical center, both for the tear in his right Achilles, as well as for other routine side effects that come with cancer therapy. Despite his conditions, the statement further claims that Sen. McCain is healthy enough to return to Capitol Hill, and will be walking with the assistance of a protective boot around the injured ankle, as well as a cane, until the tendon is fully healed and recovered.

Senator McCain’s tendon tear marks the third in a variety of incidents impacting Republican senators throughout this fall, all of which required medical attention to be sought out.

Most recently was that of the assault on Senator Rand Paul, who was attacked by a neighbor that entered his home in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Sen. Paul was then taken to a local hospital and was treated for five fractured ribs, as well as a lung contusion. A warrant, obtained by WBKO in Bowling Green, further claimed that the senator also sustained injuries to his face, which included around the nose and mouth, as well as having difficulty breathing as a result of the aforementioned rib fractures.

Thus far, little information has been released regarding the alleged assault on the Republican senator, as the FBI and Capitol Police continue to look into the potential provocations that caused the incident, and the potential motives of the attacker. The man who assaulted the senator, 59-year-old Albert Boucher, is a pain specialist and anesthesiologist, and has since admitted to entering Paul’s property and attacking him at the site.

The third incident involved that of Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran, who was forced to leave his post in late September due to requiring medical treatment for a urological issue. However, unlike the ailments of Sen. McCain and Sen. Paul, who both required hospitalization, Cochran released a tweet following his absence claiming that he was recuperating at home, and did not need to be hospitalized. The senator returned to the Hill on October 17th, and is said to be recovering after receiving the attention.

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