Woman Gets Punched By Giant Cop At Football Game & The Reason May Surprise You


The Miami-Dade police are investigating an incident that took place during Saturday’s, University of Miami, winning football game against Virginia Tech.

Posted on Twitter, the 14 second video shows an altercation between an University of  Miami football fan and a Miami-Dade police officer. The video shows four police officers hoisting a boisterous and less than willing Miami fan out of the stands.  The Miami fan appears to be slapping a police officer as she is being carried out, and he then reacts by punching her in the head.

The woman in the green and orange Miami jersey has been identified as 30 year old nurse, Bridget Frietas.  According to Miami-Dade Police Detective Alvaro Zabaleta,  in an email sent Sunday,  Freitas, who is Hispanic, has been charged with a felony of battery against a police officer and a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct.

According to information in the arrest report, Freitas was, ‘‘ using profanity in a loud, boisterous manner.’’ Frietas was becoming loud, profane, and argumentative towards other fans. She was approached, and attempts were made to calm her down and to move her out of the stands. She refused to go and chose to sit on the steps.

The video shows the four police officers attempting to carry Freitas out, as she struggles to free her arms. Three of the uniformed Miami-Dade police officers are seen struggling, trying to subdue Freitas. Two of the officers, each try to grab a leg, and the third officer tries to hold her upper body and arms. Freitas manages to get her right arm freed and attempts to slap the police officer. She misses with the forward swing, just above his head, but manages to deliver a good back hand on the back swing. The Miami-Dade Detective, Douglas Ross immediately reacted by punching her with his right fist. The retaliation completely subdues Freitas as she appears to slump into the officers arms after the reactive blow, as she is being carried out.

Fans who were looking on and witnessing the incident, can be heard encouraging the removal of the “boisterous” fan. Not sure anyone was expecting the reaction Freitas received for her fan crazed efforts. The crowd of spectators are quickly heard gasping at the return punch delivered by Detective Douglas Ross. The reaction was quick but true.

According to jail records, Bridget Freitas, was not being held Sunday afternoon.

The Miami-Dade police department are continuing to investigate and are reviewing the video to ensure proper protocols and procedures were followed during the altercation at Saturday’s football game at Hard Rock Stadium.

The University of Miami will often hire additional security and law enforcement to assist with traffic, crowd control and security at the football games. Officials at the University of Miami said there were multiple incidents in the stands at Saturday’s game that required the use of law enforcement  or others to resolve tensions.

The video that was originally, posted on Twitter , by Sunday afternoon, it had been shared over 3000 times and was posted to several websites.

You can see the video below:

Feature Image screen capture from video.

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