Trump Humiliates Himself In Front Of South Korean Assembly & It Was Caught On Video


As if it wasn’t enough that Trump has embarrassed Americans with the insane things he says in our own country, now he’s in South Korea giving speeches and making a fool of himself overseas.

Trump addressed the South Korea people by telling them their own country’s history before praising their proudest accomplishments. He specifically praised their excellent golfers after Park Sung-hyun won the U.S. Open earlier this year.

‘In fact, and you know what I’m going to say, the Women’s US Open was held this year at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, and it just happened to be won by a great Korean golfer.’

While the idea of a U.S. president plugging his businesses is astounding to sane Americans, these are businesses he also vowed to hand over to his sons in order to avoid conflicts of interest. Trump and his family have come under fire for using the presidency to promote their businesses and products before after Kellyanne Conway appeared in an interview and told viewers to “go buy Ivanka’s stuff!” in response to questions about a Nordstrom’s decision to no longer carry Ivanka’s clothing line.

‘This is just wonderful line. I own some of it. I fully—I’m going to give a free commercial here. Go buy it today, everybody. You can find it online.’

At the time, Conway was reportedly “scolded” by Ivanka after she “violated [a] ban on Federal employee using public office for endorsement of product.” The Trumps haven’t stopped with the product endorsements, however, including the one on Tuesday night.

Waiting at home for Trump when he returns is the failure of his endorsement for gubernatorial candidate, Ed Gillespie, in Virginia. After tweeting his support for Alabama’s Luther Strange in the Republican primaries earlier this year before he lost to Roy Moore, Trump is now zero for two and seems to be swaying votes away from anyone associated with his administration.

Twitter was not pleased with Trump’s use of his worldwide platform for free advertising, and they let him know.

For the full speech, see video below:

Featured image screengrab via YouTube

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