Trump Tweets Phony Wednesday AM Message After Dems Pull Off Major House Upset


President Trump just embarked on a 13-day Asian tour to five different countries. His first stop was Japan, where he actually managed to tone down his rhetoric and not make any bombastic threats to North Korea or any other foreign leaders while he was there. Hopefully, it set the tone for the next several stops that will follow. However, Trump has a habit of embarrassing himself and the rest of the U.S. quite often – almost on a daily basis.

Trump’s current stop has been to Beijing, China, where he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping. He tweeted this message to President Xi:

Many people responded to Trump’s message to Chinese President Xi:

It is questionable as to what Trump will accomplish for the remainder of this trip. Many people are hopeful that he doesn’t start a nuclear war with his unhinged personality and tendency to make threats or at the very least spout off insanities.

After all, he also embarrassed the U.S. pretty badly at the G20 Summit in Germany while doing one of the most embarrassing and detrimental things, not just to the U.S. but to the rest of the world – pulling our country out of the Paris Climate Accord.

Grab your popcorn and watch the rest of his trip to Asia unfold.

Watch this Seth Meyers clip.

Featured image by Thomas Peter-Pool/Getty Images

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