John McCain Responds To Roy Moore Child Sex Scandal Like A True American Patriot


After allegations emerged regarding inappropriate sexual misconduct, Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, is hearing backlash and calls to exit the race from his own party’s leadership. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has spoken out against the Senate candidate, claiming that the allegations are both disturbing and disqualifying, and that:

‘He should immediately step aside and allow the people of Alabama to elect a candidate they can be proud of.’

Moore is alleged to have had numerous inappropriate sexual encounters with young girls ranging from the ages of 14 to 16 years of age. Although Sen. McCain is not the only Republican policy maker to have called for Moore’s exit from the race, he is the only one to have made an unconditional call for the former Alabama Supreme Court chief justice to drop out. Other GOP lawmakers, such as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), further iterated the belief that Moore should step aside, but only under the circumstance that the allegations prove to be true.

A slew of other lawmakers joined in on the condemnation of the allegations as well, nearly all of whom staating the need for Moore to drop out.

The report was first made public on Thursday by the Washington Post, detailing the accounts of four separate women, all of whom claim to have had sexual encounters with the GOP nominee in the 1970s. Perhaps what has caused the greatest amount of outcry from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, as well as the general public, is the fact that Moore’s relationships with these women occurred while they were still underage, and with him being in his thirties.

One of Moore’s accusers, Leigh Corfman, claimed that the candidate pushed unwanted advances on her on two separate occasions, with the first date leading to an uninvited kiss, and the second encounter ending in Moore undressing and groping the 14-year-old girl. Corfman was the youngest of the four accusers to have had such an interaction, with the other three having dated the nominee from the ages of 16 to 18.

Another one of the accusers details an account of Moore’s attempt to intoxicate her at the age of 18, a year before she would turn the legal drinking age in Alabama, which at the time was 19. The woman, Gloria Thacker Deason, claims that Moore would take her on luxurious dates, attempting to entice her through expensive bottles of wine.

In a statement put out after the Washington Post‘s publication of the report, Moore not only denied the allegations themselves, but also stated that, “these allegations…are a desperate political attack by the National Democrat Party and the Washington Post on this campaign.”

Moore is running in the special election that would fill the vacant Senate seat in the state of Alabama, one that was left open when Attorney General Jeff Sessions left his post. The candidate was considered to have an easy route to office, especially after emerging victorious against Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL), who had temporarily held the Senate position until the runoff elections took place. However, now that these allegations against Moore have emerged, such a consideration seems highly unlikely, as his own party members begin to condemn the allegations and call for his leaving of the race.

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