BREAKING: Jeff Sessions Sued By 12-Year Old Girl As Scandal Continues In White House


Sitting U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has a lot of problems to face, mostly thanks to his own belligerence. Most recently, he’s been pressed to answer for yet another round of apparent past lies, since he claimed to have had no knowledge of any contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia while other accounts have revealed that he did have such knowledge.

Something Sessions probably did not count on having to deal with is a lawsuit filed by a 12-year-old girl from Colorado pushing for the nationwide legalization of medical marijuana.
12-year-old Alexis Bortell was diagnosed with epilepsy as a young child, and years ago, her and her family moved to Colorado in order to access medical marijuana, which Colorado voters moved to legalize some years ago. (Colorado voters have since legalized cannabis for recreational use as well.)

Although moving across the country is certainly drastic, in her home state of Texas, Bortell was facing grim treatment prospects. Her condition was so severe that doctors were suggesting brain surgery.

Bortell quipped that she’d “say it’s a lot better than brain surgery,” speaking of her move across the country and subsequent usage of medical cannabis.

She takes a drop of liquid THC in both the morning and at night and has been seizure-free for two and a half years — but she can’t visit her family back in Texas because in that state, there is still no recognition of cannabis as a legitimate substance for cases like Bortell’s — so now, she’s joined a lawsuit pushing for the nationwide legalization of the substance.

Bortell told a local Fox News station:

‘I would like to be able to visit my grandparents without risking being taken to a foster home.’

Although dozens of states have legalized medical marijuana — and some others have legalized recreational cannabis — there remains no official recognition on the federal level of the usefulness of cannabis as a medicine. The federal government has cannabis on the books as a drug as dangerous as heroin, even though there is no real-world justification for that being the case. Cannabis doesn’t kill people.

Bortell’s father Dean grows five acres of marijuana to use and sell for medicinal purposes.

As he put it to Fox 31, speaking of the federal government’s continued ban on medical marijuana, which some states have defied:

‘How is that rational? It’s not compassionate either, but rationality? It’s just outrageous… When you look at it from a distance and you see it saving their lives, me as a father and an American, I go, what are we doing? How could you possibly look at someone who’s benefiting from this as a medicine and threaten to take it away?’

The federal government, Fox 31 reports, “has already lost its first motion to have the case dismissed.” The 12-year-old Alexis Bortell “is joined in the lawsuit by another child, a military veteran, a marijuana advocacy group and former Broncos player Marvin Washington, who played on the 1998 Super Bowl-winning team.”

Thanks to a measure introduced by U.S. Reps. Earl Blumenauer and Dana Rohrabacher within recent years, the federal government is prohibited from using federal funds to crack down on otherwise legal cannabis production and/or usage.

The success of the lawsuit Bortell is a part of remains to be seen.

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